Welcome to Ann Watkins Real Estate


I am happy to introduce a truly personalized real estate service.  The services available to you and your family have accrued over years of experience within the real estate industry.  During that time I have developed relationships with many of Birmingham's best in class service providers and I'm delighted that you will benefit from those relationships while I work diligently to ensure your red carpet experience!


My real estate team seeks to build a lasting relationship by exceeded every expectation throughout the transaction process.  Whether you are a first time or seasoned home buyer or seller, the dedicated and passionate real estate team members, experts and partners of Ann Watkins Real Estate have created exclusive services and resources to give you everything you want and everything you didn't know you needed.   Excellence, integrity and hard work are our guiding principles as we work tirelessly for you during one of your most important financial decisions in life.


Ann Watkins Real Estate will exceed your expectations and I look forward to being your Personal Real Estate Professional for life!


- Sincerely, AnnMarie